While choosing a solar system for your home there are some basic questions that must first be answered. Please find them below with our answers:

1.) Does the Solar energy company manufacture all components of the system; Modules, Inverters and Mounting Systems? 

When choosing your solar system you should ask if all components of the system are from the same manufacturer. It is important to know where all the components come from as this is important to the efficiency of the system.  A system that has all components made by the same manufacturer is likely to be far more efficient as the components have been engineered to work together.  Systems with components made from different manufacturers may not be as efficient as manufactured by the same manufacturer.

At Urja all our system components are manufactured in house where we have been producing systems for many years to the highest possible standards.
2.) Is the manufacturer a globally recognised brand who stands by its products with an industry best guarantee?
It is important to know if your chosen manufacturer is globally recognised as this will highlight if the system and technology has proven performance in all possible climates.
Urja products are globally recognised with systems installed in overseas markets and when installed by our certified installer our products come with guarantees and warranties.
3.) Is your solar panel installer a certified, reputable professional? 
To ensure that your system is installed safely, to industry standards and for the guarantee and lifetime of your system you should always check if your installer is a certified &  reputable professional.
All Urja dealers are specialized and trained beyond industry standards to be your solar professionals, providing careful but timely installation and responsive service. In addition, Urja conducts installation quality checks to ensure the product is installed up to the standards.
4.) Is my roof suitable for a Solar Roof top System? 
Your roof must meet the following requirements:
  • Orientation between south-west and south-east
  • Useable area of at least 20 m2
  • Tilt between 30˚and 55º, ideally 35º (you can confirm this with your solar installer)
Concerns about the region you live in? The sun shines long enough anywhere in India for a solar energy system!
5.) Is a solar energy system worth the investment? 
With your own solar energy system, you can produce not only the energy of the future and make an active contribution to climate protection, but you are also choosing an investment with one of the highest yields:
  • Rising energy prices will be in the past: You will produce your own electricity and use it for your own consumption.
  • Look forward to an additional income: Whether you use the electricity yourself, the varied subsidy policies of the Government make a Solar Systems a financially attractive option. 
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