Rajasthan is one the states in India, which receives the highest solar radiation and thus is the most ideal location for setting up of solar PV power plant. Rajasthan is a desert state and is blessed with abundant land with little or no vegetation, which would be ideal for Solar PV. These two facts together translate into a huge potential for solar power. Solar is also the most viable option in a sun-drenched state like Rajasthan.

The Company is making its foray into the power generation business through establishment of a 100 MW Solar PV Power plant in the state of Rajasthan. It will help UGL to understand & execute the project while perfecting this art to sharpen its skills on project execution and technology selection.

These long term goals have seen UGL apply for the 100 MW project and UGL is committed to bring solar power to Rajasthan in a big way.

The company proposes to set up a 100 MW capacity Solar PV based power project in the state of Rajasthan under this scheme. The company intends to utilize the core strengths, technical expertise and high volume professional excellence acquired through the successful periodic growth in the field of Conventional & Non-Conventional power generation business.
The proposed SPV power plants will generate approximately about 8.91 million units (kWh) for sale in the first year of full capacity operation. We have undertaken the proposed land topographic surveys, analyzed the power evacuation options and sought metrological data of Jodhpur for the detailed system design calculations. The system configuration for the proposed 100 MW Solar PV plant in Rajasthan shall be based on Multi-Crystalline silicon modules.
The proposed site is located at Village Tinwari , Tehsil Osiyan in District Jodhpur of the state of Rajasthan at a barren patch having highest insolation of 2,174 hours compared to other states of India. 
Power Generation from the plant will be at 415V & evacuation of power will be at 33KV substation.
The total project cost including photovoltaic panels, balance of the system, civil works, power evacuation, land and site development, etc is estimated at Rs. 100.32 crores. The term loan requirement from the financial institutions works out of Rs. 70.20 crores (70% of the project cost). It is assumed that the term loan will be repaid in a period of 10 years.
The equity funding (Rs. 30.10 crores) is to be brought in by the promoter (30% of the project cost).
The plant is envisaged to sell 8.91 MU of electricity to the grid annually with a de-rating factor of 0.5% p.a. The life of project is envisaged as 25 years.
This project report covers the capacity selection, location & satellite image of the plant site, site infrastructure, description & comparison of solar PV technologies, plant facilities, power evacuation requirements, proposed site layout, manpower requirement, capital costs, operating costs, project implementation and financial appraisal.
The specific objectives of this report are to:
  •  Establish overall development plans and projections for the proposed 100 MW Solar PV Project to be set up by the company in the state of Rajasthan.
  • Identify the details (including the costs) of available photovoltaic technologies and technology tie up.
  • Derive a set of financial statements for the project and establish the feasibility of the proposal.
  • Form the basis to seek finances for the proposed project.