URJA GLOBAL Ltd. (UGL) is implementing a 100 MWp grid connected solar photovoltaic power plant in Gujarat. The SPV power plant will approximately about 40 million units (kWh) for sale in the first year of full capacity operation.

The solar PV power plant shall consist of a solar PV array of 100 MWp; however, the system will generate DC power. The DC power is fed into a battery of Power Conditioning Units to convert DC power to AC power at 3 Ph, 415 V, 50 Hz. The output of the PCUs are connected through proper isolation and circuit breaking arrangements to transformers to step up the 415 V, 3 Ph AC supply to 33 kV, 3 Ph AC supply. The electrical power at 33 / 66 kV level is evacuated to the feeder from power plant. Synchronization arrangements effected through electronics provided in the PCUs ensure adequate synchronization of the two sources of power supply namely, the grid power and the solar power. Necessary metering and protection will be provided to ensure mutually acceptable billing and safety to men and machines.
  • District Name Tentatively Kutch, Banskantha, Surendranagar, Patan
  • Name of the State Gujarat
  • Type of system Fixed Structure; tracking may be used
  • Type of PV Modules Considered Thin film
  • Proposed capacity 100 MWp
  • Capacity of each Module proposed 72.5 Wp (indicative, may change later)
  • Invertor Capacity 250 kW / unit - total 100 MW, (indicative, may change later)
  • Projected Energy Production per year approximately, 40 million units (kWh) - indicative
  • Total Project Cost Indicative project cost of ~ Rs 450 - 500 crores
  • Debt Equity Ratio 70:30
  • Project Owner Urja Global Ltd
  • Name of the Customer of Power Local Distribution Company
  • Expected Life of Power Plant 25 years