Urja Global is hereby proposed to promote a 100 MWp grid connected solar power plant to be located in Andhra Pradesh. This plant will generate solar photovoltaic electricity and feed-in the power to the nearest substation.

Pursuant to the signing of the MOU, Urja Global Ltd has carried out extensive site surveys in the districts of Anantapur, Kurnool & Mahbubnagar to identify suitable locations for setting up of the plant.
The system configuration of the proposed power plant is as follows:

  • The capacity of the power plant will be of 100 MWp
  • Expected electrical energy generation for sale will be approximately 120.9431 million units (kWh) in the first year of full capacity operation.

The proposed power plant will improve the power availability of the Grid especially to facilitate Rural Electrification. The indicative requirement of land is around 300 Hectares. The project is designed to produce approximately 100 MWp of clean solar power. 

The solar PV power will be generated at 415 V AC, and will be stepped up to 33 /66 kV level and connected to 33 /66kV grid of substation. The voltage step up level will be decided based on the voltage levels at the nearest sub-station.
The Grid Connected Solar PV power generation scheme will mainly consist of Solar PV array, Power Conditioning Units (PCU) which convert DC to AC power, transformers and associated switch gears (with metering and protection) for transforming the electrical energy level to the grid level and sale to substation. The PCUs and other switch gear equipments will be installed in a control room. The complexity of the project demands scientific and professional project management techniques to ensure proper monitoring and control for timely implementation.