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Why Solar water pump manufacturers in Delhi India?

Our water pump is designed to provide an eco-friendly and energy efficient solution. Urja global water pump is anti corrosion in nature and more suitable for solar pumping solution. We provide high wear resistance. It not only reduces the running costs but also provide high pumping efficiency. Our solar water pump works continuously to provide high reliability and provide the best results.

  • -It is ideal for those places where electricity is not possible.
  • -It is helpful to save the renewable source of energy.
  • -Used for drip irrigation and sprinkler in the fields.
  • -Used for various purposes like supply water in institutes, hospitals, schools, industrial applications etc.
  • -Environment-friendly and very easy to operate. It hardly requires any maintenance

Urja global provide various rural areas by providing solar water pump solution. Since this pump never requires any electricity, therefore, they can be installed anywhere. With great technical perfection, these pumps are designed with great pumping capacity. Urja global supply wide range of solar pumps that are specially designed to facilitate water pumping solutions for a number of applications. It is made by the wide sophisticated research technology. We are able to design and develop solar water pump in order to meet market demands.

We supply different types of water pumps

Submersible Water Pumps

These water pumps are used for various applications like supplying water for communities or for field irrigation purpose and it also used for drawing water through underground water sources like pumps.If you need to supply water beyond the reach of power lines, then solar power can solve the problem. Solar power pump is a great alternative of fuel- burning engines, hand pumps etc. The solar water pump is working throughout the world. They are working best during the sunny weather.

A solar water pump is a great water pumping system that is powered by solar energy. It is same like the traditional electric pump with the only benefit that it uses solar energy instead of fossil fuels or electricity. It consists of solar panels and also known as solar photovoltaic modules. This electronic controls device is helpful to operate the p

A solar water pump extracts water from ponds, rivers, borewells and other sources to meet the water requirements for community, water supply, irrigation, livestock and other purposes. It works like any other water pump with the only difference that solar water pump uses the nonrenewable source of energy for its operation. When sunlight falls on the solar panels it produces electricity which is direct current. When we require alternating current, solar panels is converted to AC by using an inverter.

It does not require any fuel to operate. Once it is installed, the solar pump does not be required any additional cost of electricity or fuel.

Advantages of Installing Solar water pump

  • -It does not get affected by single phase problems, power cut, low voltage, motor burning.
  • -It can be installed in rural areas where electricity is hardly available.
  • -It hardly requires any maintenance costs because solar water pumps have fewer moving parts as compared to a diesel-powered pump. It must have less wear and tear.
  • -There would be no requirement of lubricants for the operation because there are no chances of water or soil contamination.
  • -They are easy to operate.
  • We are leading Solar water pump manufacturers in Delhi and caters every requirement to each of the consumer who are looking for Solar Water Pump