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Most trusted street light in Delhi

As we are the leading manufacturer of street light in Delhi. We supply our product all over India. When it comes to the safety of people, solar street light plays a major role. When it comes to providing convenience, solar street light are more eco-friendly. Urja global is one of the most leading street light manufacturers in Delhi. We provide wide ranges of solar light systems. Our solar street light basically does not consume energy and there is no need of paying electricity bills. Solar street light requires very little maintenance. It is very easy to install.

Required fewer operation costs

Solar street lights basically require very little operation costs and is independent of the utility grid. Solar street lights are basically wireless lights and are not connected to any electrical provider. The lights are dependent on heat energy which is given by the sun. It requires very little maintenance than any traditional bulbs. Solar lights do not contain external wires, therefore, chances of accidents are greatly reduced. Solar street lights are to the environment -friendly and helpful in reducing carbon footprints contribution.

Boosting energy savings

Traditional street lights are very expensive. It is consuming approx 40% of the total city electricity costs. Switching to solar street lights with great remote systems can provide the same amount of lighting at just a same usage of energy used. It greatly reduces energy costs. It facilitates even more energy efficiency.

A remote management system is the key component of your off-the-grid-solar lighting system. The better monitoring of your solar street light system helpful to more energy savings and from free clean energy. Solar street lighting is a great valuable resource with long-term implications for the urban areas. Implementing powered street light accelerates the great use of intelligent technology.

Other benefits of the solar street light system

  • -It is one of the most renewable energy resources to get the light energy
  • -It requires minimum cost minimization because of utility grid independence
  • -They are eco-friendly and requires no pollution by releasing no carbon footprint.
  • -It preserves energy on a large level without any sacrifice of current needs.
  • -Solar street lights are secure, independent and reliable energy resource.
  • -There would be no accidents because of wires exclusion.
  • -There is less maintenance in solar street lights in Delhi as comparable to traditional street lights.
  • -These lights are easily portable from one place to another.
  • Solar lights are not only an important industry but also in the people life. If you looking for the best solar street light at the best price then urja global are the best choice. We manufacture the best quality of solar street lights. We provide LED-based Solar street Light In Delhi that have features like high -efficiency and low self-consumption etc