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Eco -friendly

Our E-rickshaws are the best choice than any other petrol or diesel vehicles because they are operated by battery. These rickshaws do not increase air pollution because they do not emit carbon emissions. Batteries that are used for any functioning of rickshaws are effectively recharged. E rickshaw is too eco-friendly because these are the best alternative of diesel or petrol running vehicles because they are operated by battery. These rickshaws do not emit smoke. These will not contribute in increasing the air pollution. Therefore, e rickshaws proper maintenance is very important. Urja global manufacture is the best price of e rickshaw manufacturers in India.


E-rickshaws are comparatively cheap and can be easily afforded by a common man. Passengers will have to pay less transport charge. It is very cost effective for the people. The batteries are easily recharged from any place with proper voltage. Our e rickshaws price in Delhi is cost efficient as compare to other means of transport.

Because of an affordable cost, people taking a lot of interests in using solar panels and contributing to a more eco -friendly environment. Keeping that in mind, urja global manufacturing leading solar manufacturers in Delhi. We provide a wide variety of solar systems such as solar charge controllers, solar water pumps, solar power backs etc. As a leading solar panel manufacturer in India, we manufacture the solar product by ensuring best energy output.

Easy to drive

E-rickshaw is easy to drive as compared to the difficult task of pulling rickshaws

No noise pollution

These rickshaws do not produce much pollution due to that people enjoy very comfortable ride. It produces minimum noise to make short distance communication.

Easily affordable

Our E rickshaw price in Delhi is much cheap and easily affordable for all people. They have to pay less transport charge as compared to other public transport. Moreover, this is a very profitable business but techniques should be followed to keep your batteries in a healthier manner.

Generate high income at less expenditure

E-rickshaw is very useful to common man. The person easily earns more money without investing much and without any physical efforts. The earning is quite good and therefore it is an important means of livelihood for many people.


E -rickshaw involves less risk as compared to other vehicles. They have less accident chances as compared to auto rickshaw.

Easy maintenance

As they use electricity, they do not require much fuel to operate the engines. E rickshaw is free from an engine and a gearbox.They hardly require any maintenance. The motor used in these rickshaws is much smaller in which battery is placed just below it. Hence, maintenance is much easier in e rickshaw.

These are the benefits of e-rickshaws. Delhi has a lot of pollution problem and generally fuel dependence. Under these things, e rickshaws is very much helpful. They can easily tackle pollution of Delhi. This is one of the best way to reduce the air pollution. E -rickshaws are also better options for bicycle rickshaw drivers to get rid of pulling rickshaws. Urja global is the best manufacturer of e- rickshaw in Delhi

As far as livelihood and business is concerned, it is reported that e-rickshaws have given the means of livelihood to over 1 lakh people in Delhi. Also, initially these were imported from China. Today, the entire e-rickshaw, along with the body, handle and batteries are manufactured in India, and leading to the growth of an entire small-scale industry in the eastern and western parts of Delhi.

In short, we can say that e-rickshaw is a special type of rickshaw which has revolutionized the form of traditional rickshaws. It do not run on any fuel and basically run on batteries that are easily rechargeable. It basically produces zero emissions of carbon products, therefore, it is an eco-friendly and pollution free vehicle. It requires basically a zero maintenance cost. It generates high income in less time and operates at very low running cost. Nowadays, e-rickshaws are much more preferable as compared to other traditional rickshaws. E rickshaw is too eco-friendly because these are the best alternative to diesel or petrol running vehicles because they are operated by battery.