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Criteria that will keep e rickshaw battery healthy

  • -E rickshaw provides full safety to the people as compared to other fuel operated vehicles. Therefore proper maintenance of batteries would be required.
  • - Avoid the mixing of batteries of different capacity and ages. Connecting the cables to the battery to the appropriate size and quality. Always keep connections tight by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Our team maintains these e rickshaw battery with great care.
  • -We are the leading supplier of e rickshaw batteries in Delhi. Regarding these, we spread awareness to keep the batteries in good condition. We check your e rickshaw batteries at least once in two months.
  • -We top up the battery periodically which are required to the correct level. Always using the distilled water for this. Excessive water also cause to overcharging. Always keep your battery dry and clean.
  • -E rickshaw is too eco-friendly because these are the best alternative to diesel or petrol running vehicles because they are operated by battery. These rickshaws do not emit smoke. These will not contribute to increasing the air pollution. Therefore proper maintenance is very important. Urja global manufacture gives the best price of e rickshaw batteries.
  • E rickshaw is cheap and easily affordable for people. They have to pay less transport charges as compared to other public transport. Moreover, this is a very profitable business , proper steps should be followed to keep your batteries in a healthier manner.

    Urja global manufactures best quality of e rickshaw batteries. These batteries are eco- friendly in nature. The main motive to run these e rickshaw is that they run on batteries instead of any fuel petrol or diesel. They helps in reducing the excessive amount of pollution that is produced by other vehicles such as buses, cars etc. Urja global produce the best quality of e rickshaw batteries that have supreme quality value. Our team made these batteries with the high quality of best materials for an excellent performance. These batteries are safe and made the standard quality of a material. With these batteries, our rickshaw is running safely,smoothly and standardize in nature. They are helpful to control environmental pollution. By increasing the number of the electric rickshaw, we greatly reduce the impact of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide etc. With our high-performance batteries, these rickshaws runs longer and help in getting more money for higher profit.

    Features of our e rickshaw batteries-

    • -Certified technology - Our technology has been approved by international standardization.
    • -Strict quality checking materials- Our proper testing of products like electrical testing, physical testing ensure to facilitates the checking of quality parameters.
    • -Advanced alloy composition - The advance alloys and special paste composition ensures to make better performance
    • -Polypropylene rugged ribbon -With the polypropylene rugged ribbon container, it makes it resistant to vibration.
    • -Our batteries are very low power consumption and free from any hassle performance

    Best e rickshaw battery manufacturer

    The battery is one of the important component used in the e rickshaw. It ensures how much distance tbe e rickshaw can cover once it is fully charged. A supreme quality of e rickshaw cover at least 10 km to 80 km.

    We built specially designed batteries for e rickshaws. Its capacity and unique features allow giving maximum performance. It further leads to better savings. Our e- rickshaw batteries are more superior that come with the assurance of supreme quality. Our e rickshaw battery gives consistent performance, in the application, less chance of the degradation rate and corrosion -free in positive plate. We ensure full reliability in the application and give excellent spill-proof characteristics. They are designed in such a way that they can easily connect to a circuit.

    We manufacture different types of batteries :

    Lead acid series

    Lead acid series batteries are based on oxygen recombination technology. It is free from any maintenance. Our batteries last up to longer time and are made up of supreme quality of the material. E rickshaw battery price is quite normal that you can easily afford.

    Lithium-ion series

    Lithium-ion series are made from the international advanced level of lithium battery material. These batteries give higher energy density and provide ultra long cycle life. These batteries give excellent charging and best discharging performance.